Terms Of Service

Service Agreement:

The customer shall provide a billing address and any other information necessary for MetroConnects to maintain hosting and registration services (if applicable). Any information not provided at sign-up will be requested by MetroConnects and provided by the customer.

Billing for MetroConnects's service will commence when the managed hosting service is created. All managed hosting is pre-paid and invoiced quarterly in advance and shall be referenced throughout this document as Billing Period. Payment is due by the due date specified and posted on the invoice for the quarterly billing period of service. All quarterly services are automatically renewed every quarter.  Termination of MetroConnects Managed Hosting Services requires a 30-day advance notification prior to the due date of the next Billing Period.  Notifications can be made via phone, e-mail or postal mail. If a customer chooses to activate their domain name through MetroConnects, their domain name registration will expire when their hosting services terminates. MetroConnects reserves the right to change fees, surcharges, quarterly membership fees or to institute new fees at any time.

Pre-Payment Terms:

MetroConnects offers a discount on all Managed Services.  MetroConnects offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for new clients and at the commencement of new services only. Once a customer has been a client past the 30-day period, MetroConnects offers no Refunds.  All services are contracted and billed quarterly; no refunds will be issued for service cancelation for MetroConnects services.  

Accounts will be placed in default status if payment is not received within 5 days after the invoice due date. If payment is returned to MetroConnects unpaid, the customer is immediately in default and subject to a returned check charge of $35. Accounts unpaid 7 days after the due date of invoice will be subject to service interruption. Such interruption does not relieve the customer from the obligation to pay the quarterly charge or any new charges that may have been applied due to failure to comply with terms set forth in the Service Agreement. Accounts in default are subject to an interest charge of $1.00 or 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance, whichever is greater. If customer state law does not allow an interest rate of 1.5% per month, the maximum allowable rate for customer state will be charged. If customer defaults, they agree to pay reasonable expenses, including account reinstatement fees. To reinstate a suspended account a $50 reactivation fee will be automatically applied to the account balance per domain / hosting account. Client shall also be responsible for all attorney and collection fees arising from MetroConnects's efforts to collect any unpaid balance of Client's account(s), and MetroConnects may terminate Client's account immediately without further notice to Client.

Customer is responsible for all content posted or stored within their hosted application space. MetroConnects exercises no control over the content or information contained on the servers used for hosting. MetroConnects will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages which may result from the use of this service by its customers or any other related or unrelated third parties. MetroConnects is not responsible for backing up data or recovering data in case of loss on the customer's behalf. There are no warranties expressed or implied for the services that MetroConnects provides or the software used by the customer.  MetroConnects is not responsible for interruptions of service beyond its control. This includes interruptions by its suppliers and natural disasters.

The customer agrees to keep all user IDs and access codes/passwords confidential. Sharing of account information and passwords is strictly forbidden. If a customer believes that his user ID or password has been compromised, the customer agrees to contact MetroConnects immediately via e-mail or telephone.

This agreement will be performed in and governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota. Any claims or legal action arising out of this Service Agreement must be instituted within one year after the claim or cause has arisen. MetroConnects reserves the right to discontinue service for violation of any of the conditions of this service agreement.  Any access to other networks connected to MetroConnects's network must comply with the rules appropriate for that other network.

Disk Space and Website Features:

MetroConnects will monitor the customer's current disk storage. If usage exceeds the amount registered for, MetroConnects will contact the customer in an attempt to make an arrangement for additional disk storage. If a customer does not respond or is unable to be reached, MetroConnects shall have the right to take corrective actions for exceeding disk storage. Such actions may include assessing additional charges, temporarily discontinuing services, or terminating the current agreement. If the customer feels that more disk storage is required, it is the customer's responsibility to contact MetroConnects (info@MetroConnects.com) or (507) 262-7856 to discuss options for increased disk storage.

Services and Cancellation Policy

MetroConnects requires a 30-day notice prior to the due date of the next billing period in order to cancel an account.  Once MetroConnects receives a 30-day notice of service termination the customers account will remain active until the end of the billing period purchased and at the end of that period the account will be canceled and all website files, e-mail accounts, and e-mails will be deleted from our server; the customer is responsible for requesting a backup of these files should they need them for future use.  If a customer's account is in default or suspended for non-payment the customer must bring their account to a good standing before they may access any data relating to their account.

If a customer account includes domain registration with MetroConnects, the customer is responsible for transferring their domain to a new registrar when they cancel their account. Failure to do so may result in the customer being billed from MetroConnects for domain name renewal, or loss of domain. It typically takes two weeks to transfer a domain to a new registrar, all customers should keep this in mind before account cancelation.

Content and Terms of use:

All services provided by MetroConnects may be used only in accordance of the law. Storage, documentation, transmission, or presentation of information or data that violates US Federal, State, or City law is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted or plagiarized material, racist or threatening material, material that is obscene, pornography, "adult only" content, or material protected by other statutes.

MetroConnects prohibits website hosting customers from participating in pirating unlicensed software, pirating mp3 files, listing hacker programs or archives, hosting Warez websites, pornography. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold MetroConnects harmless from any claims resulting from his/her use of MetroConnects services that damage the customer or another party.

Use of MetroConnects's web hosting and e-mail Services to send Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE or "SPAM") is strictly prohibited and may be cause for immediate account termination. The customer agrees to pay MetroConnects any reasonable expenses, including attorney and system administration fees, incurred in responding to complaints and damages caused by the action of sending Unsolicited Commercial E-mail.