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"We Take The Puzzle Out Of Your Technology Pieces!"

Web Design Solutions

(Mobile Ready) Website Design

We design responsive websites that scale to all devices. With more potential customers now using mobile devices for web browsing, it's imperative your website is mobile friendly.
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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Integration

Whether your business is selling a service, product, ticket-based events or on-line subscriptions we make purchasing from your website easy and user-friendly.
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SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines use complicated algorithms that analysis your website structure and evaluates your site to see if it meets certain criteria.  SEO is more involved than the design its self. 
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Social Media Solutions

Web Integrated Social Media

So much talk about Social Media these days. We teach and show how to use Social Media effectively.  Not by trying to sell your business but by using our proven methods to bring the audience to your site, increasing your SEO in the process.
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ERP Solutions

Web integrated (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning Software until recently was only afforded by large fortune 500 businesses.  We make ERP affordable for small and medium size business.  An integrated web-driven ERP Management System will give your business the competitive edge it needs to compete in today's marketplace.  With over 2000 business modules from accounting, POS, inventory, manufacturing to HR to name just a few.
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POS Solutions

Point-Of-Sale (POS)

We offer the most scalable POS System in the world that until now was only a dream.  Able to use any device to take orders anywhere you have connectivity hardwired or on-line.  Multiple locations tied into one system.  From your web-enabled eCommerce shop selling products to your internal POS System, all transactions are live and interact with the same system in real- time.  Great for real-time inventory.
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Technology Integrator

Technology related products, services, and support.  From Computers to Communications we can supply and support your needs.  Need an estimate or have a problem?  Call Today! 507-556-7098

Remote Assistance

We offer live remote support and assistance for all of your technology-related issues.  We can repair your computer remotely while you watch us work or while your are off doing the things you need to be doing.

Data Storage & Backup

Is your data backed up?  Remember, it's not if your hard drive will crash but when.  We can help determine the most cost-effective solution for your home or business.  Don't wait until it's too late, Call Today! 507 556-7098