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On-site, Remote & Cloud Backup Solutions

MetroConnects understands that it's the data and all digital assets that make up the lifeblood of a business.  You need them securely protected and available to you, real-time and in the cloud — all at an affordable cost. Our solutions do just that: automatically backing up data on an unlimited number of computers, mobile devices, external hard drives and NAS devices.

By integrating our virtual backup appliance solutions, your network will securely connect between your private and public cloud infrastructure providing for the most secure fault-tolerant distributed data solution. 

If you need to backup your servers, databases or live applications, our solutions are ideal choices. Additionally, our Backup Appliance Solution is the most affordable hybrid, bare metal, and. disaster recovery solution for your business’ servers.

Storage Products, Services, and Solutions

Home - Family & Business

A custom storage solution that can scales from a single computer to all the computers in your home or an unlimited number of business workstations.  

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Business Servers

A backup and storage solution for businesses that need a hybrid solution for local private and public cloud infrastructures.

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Storage Appliances

The hybrid data solution that’s just right for your business. When it comes to storage, storage appliances are the future.  Bare metal backup & recovery of servers & more

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Between our Partners and the backup solutions we offer; over 300 billion files have been protected—backing up more than 350 million files each day.  Most importantly, the solutions we provide have restored nearly 20 billion files, that otherwise would have been lost forever.